Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors!

I'm participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors mini hop again. The deal is to post 8 sentences from a writing project, published or unpublished. This week I'm offering a bit from my soon-to-be-released The Changeling

My 8 first, then details follow:
“I do. As I see it Fanny, the baker’s child is no more – taken away to some faery hill no doubt, never to be seen again, if the old stories are true. This little boy did not belong with the Benton family anyway. He’s black-haired, for one. He’d grow being different, maybe disliked or mistrusted, even despised by his father as another man’s bastard. You know how people are when they feel something isn’t quite right. The child would suffer for a situation completely out of his control. It harms no one that he be raised a Pendry.”
Setting the stage: At this point in the story, a babe was stillborn to an already grieving widow. In the town just an hour before, a newborn was taken and replaced with a changeling.  Two devoted servants and a midwife take matters into their own hands. The little changeling would become the 10th Earl of Pendry and a mother's grief would be soothed by a baby to love.

"Rose Anderson has some of the most tantalizing stories I've ever read. Honestly, I think her detail and imagination makes her one of the best."
- easyreader

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  1. Very interesting premise and I enjoyed the tone of the excerpt. I definitely want to read more!

  2. Oh, wow, there's a lot going on in this little bit. A changeling becoming an Earl...sucked me right in, ya did!

  3. Baby exchange sounds like big trouble coming on ahead.