Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday (RO)(FA)

It's Sunday and time for the Weekend Writing Warriors. Participants post 8 sentences from a writing project, either published or unpublished. Today it's a bit from my soon-to-be-released bit of fiction ~ The Changeling.

First my 8, followed by details~The butler nodded, and said, “As I see it Fanny, the baker’s child is no more – taken away to some Faery hill no doubt, never to be seen again, if the old stories are true. This little boy did not belong with the Benton family anyway. He’s black-haired, for one. He’d grow being different, maybe disliked or mistrusted, even despised by his father as another man’s bastard. Danny Benton is a Highlander. You know how those people are with their superstitions and when they feel something isn’t quite right. The child would suffer for a situation completely out of his control. It harms no one that he be raised a Pendry.”

What just happened~
A baby born to a grieving widow has died. That same night a baby born to a large family was taken by the Fae and a half-blooded changeling left in its place. The midwife conspires with her sister who works as a lady's maid for the widow. The head butler on the estate gets in on the deception and the three change the course of everyone's lives. More importantly, after years of miscarriages and still births, the recent widow has a child to love. She won't care that her new son has slightly pointed ears.

What this story is about~
I adore fairytales. The Changeling is a Victorian spin on the fairytale of Tam Lin -- a story taken from
an old ballad from the borderlands of Scotland.


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  1. Oh my. A cliff hanger . Makes this reader want to know what happens next. Fascinating eight.

    1. Thanks! I've loved that fairytale for years. It just begged an expanded version. :)

  2. I've always wondered what happened to the genetic sports when no one could prove they were really your kids. Probably not good things.

  3. Ooh, fascinating (and I appreciated the explanation you gave us after the excerpt). Can't wait for more!

  4. I love how you've got a butler, midwife, and maid all conspiring together. Sounds fascinating.