Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekend Writing Warriors (HIS) (RO) #8sunday

It's Sunday and time for the Weekend Writing Warriors . Participants post 8-10 sentences from a writing project, either published or unpublished.

For today, I'm sharing a bit from book 2 in my award-winning, Victorian polyamorous adventure series ~ Loving Leonardo - The Quest

First my 10 with details after~
I wished I could simply lose myself in loving. But I didn’t have a means to close my mind to the ticker tape thoughts that ran endlessly.

Thomas had always been my connection to the world that lay beyond titles and privilege — an enviable salt of the earth who might go where he wished and do as he pleased. Through his connections to other servants, he knew the rough side of London. Anything I’d learned about the city’s seedier side I’d learned from him. If he didn’t know, he’d know someone who knew someone who did. But Thom was gone. I had no such connections and I felt as helpless and vulnerable as a quail chick without a wing to hide under.

A madman was out there in a dark corner, an insidious spider weaving his web and waiting for the day I’d innocently stumble into it. Bruno wished to hurt me and how I saw it, he had several ways in which to do this.

With Leonardo da Vinci’s book of love poems and sketches safe in their possession, lovers Nicolas, Ellie, and Luca discover the book harbors a secret – carefully disguised declarations of love from Leonardo to his long-time lover Salai. The trio begins a quest to follow the book’s clues to other hidden messages of love tucked into well-known da Vinci masterpieces now scattered across Europe. Their quest is cut short however, when a tragic turn of events reveals a terrible truth – Conte Bruno lives and is bent upon revenge.

Setting the Stage~
The rough seas of the English Channel have calmed and now Ellie and Luca join Nicolas in London. A lot has happened since he left them in Paris. 


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  1. You really got me wondering when ticker tapes were invented, because it seemed like it had to be an anachronism. But no, they date from 1870, halfway through Victoria's reign. You learn something every day.

  2. Very intriguing snippet. Makes me want to read more!

  3. Love the sense of dread invoked, and that "quail chick" feeling. Describes it perfectly!

  4. Enticing excerpt! Quite ominous and now I'm missing Thomas, who I never even knew!

  5. It has to be terrible to know someone wants to hurt you, and that you just don't have the resources to stop them! Love the animal comparisons.

  6. Ooh, I am definitely intrigued by the whole premise of this snippet/book. I look forward to reading more!

  7. Such incredibly fluid writing, Rose. I adore this line: "... as helpless and vulnerable as a quail chick without a wing to hide under." Perfect!