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That Gnawing Drive to Manifest

I’m happy to say I emerged from the gene pool blessed with a measure of creativity. The muse whispering to my mind is constantly thinking up images for my hands give form to. That form could be tangible like a molded clay figure or a sketch, or as in the case of words I type out on my laptop, ephemeral. When the muse  finally releases me from her grasp, my mind can move on to the next thought, the next blob of clay, the next story waiting in the wings. 

I'm often asked to say a bit about myself when I do guest blog appearances. That's harder than you think! What do such thought-creators say about themselves? People who have this little gnawing drive to manifest some thought into reality know it just is what it is. But describing it is tricky.

I will say my life makes cameo appearances in all my books in one form or another. It’s easy to draw from the familiar. If readers knew me, they’d recognize my furnishings or my car, my pets, and even things about themselves. As for my characters, they’re all composites of me. They have my values, my fears, my wit etc. Yes, even my bad guys are me. If you think about it, they’d have to be. How else could I write them into being? Sometimes I even surprise myself. More than once I’ve given myself goosebumps.

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Can a few evocative sentences capture imagination and inspire interest? I hope so! Without further ado, I present the blurbs from my novels - 
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 1 Ashkewheteasu)
Inspired by the very real legend of the Wisconsin Wolfman.
Roots of the story at USA Today 

What does an immortal Native American shaman do when the grave he's sworn to watch over for all eternity disappears under urban development? 

His purpose of guarding his wife's burial mound is gone, Ashkewheteasu seeks to end his immortal existence. In his despair, Ash assumes the form of a wolf and steps in front of a moving car and into the life of Dr. Olivia "Livie" Rosalini. The veterinarian saves the animal's life, and in the process saves the man within. Livie has no idea the wolfish dog she's taken into her home and grows to love is a magical being seeking to win her heart as a man.  While Ash is learning a new world filled with new love, friendship, and happiness, an old menace makes plans to steal it all away; just as he had 3000 years before.

The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 2 Eluwilussit)
The story continues.

An ancient hatred seethes in pastoral Wisconsin. Denied access to the White spirit world of the ancestors, ancient shaman Eluwilussit finds himself in the Red Realm and receives a terrible gift from the forsaken spirits dwelling there. Blaming Ash for this misfortune, as well as Aiyanna’s death, he vows to be rid of the other shaman once and for all.

Meanwhile, Ash declares his love to Livie and reveals the truth of his existence as a Witchy Wolf. Warned that Eli is coming for him, Ash sends Livie north to the reservation hoping John's family will keep her safe. In the inevitable confrontation to come, either one shape-shifter will live, or both shall die.

Loving Leonardo
A bisexual, polyamorous, Victorian love story
with a touch of reader-interactive art history. A Two Lips Reviews Recommended Read and A CataRomance Sensual Reads Reviewer's Choice Winner 2012 for Historical Romance!

Bound by limits dictated by society, Art Historian Nicolas Halstead lived a guarded life until a tempest in the form of Elenora Schwaab blew into his world. At first Nicolas can't decide if the audacious American is simply mad or plotting blackmail for not only does she declare knowledge of his homosexuality, she offers him a marriage proposal.

After Ellie tells him of a previously unknown work of Leonardo da Vinci, a book of erotic love poems and sketches dedicated to the artist's long-time lover Salai, Nicolas joins her in a race to save the book from destruction. Along the way they encounter Historian Luca Franco and discover a comfortable compatibility that comes to redefine their long-held notions of love. The trio embarks on an adventure of sensual discovery, intrigue, and danger. Little do they know Leonardo da Vinci's book is far more than meets the eye.  

Loving Leonardo - The Quest
(Coming April 2013)

Art Historian Nicolas Halstead never could have imagined the book Leonardo da Vinci created for his lover Salai existed, let alone lead to the discovery of hidden declarations of love worked into da Vinci masterpieces. Happy and content in their polyamorous
relationship, Nicolas, Ellie and Luca embark on a quest to learn all they can about the greatest mind of the Renaissance. But their world takes a devastating and deadly turn that sends Nicolas into the deviant underworld of Victorian London. It becomes clear that Conte Acario Bruno lives, and the madman wants far more than Leonardo's book. He wants Nicolas dead, and Luca for himself.

A haunting, a murder, a mystery, a reader's puzzle,
and a love story that transcends time.Things aren't always as they appear.

Unable to deny his own translucence, Dr. Jason Bowen determines his lack of physical substance could only mean one thing -- he's a ghost. Murdered more than a century before, Jason haunts his house and ponders the treachery that took his life. When Lanie O'Keefe arrives with plans to renovate her newly purchased Victorian mansion, Jason learns, ghost or not, he's still very much a man. Jason soon discovers he can travel through Lanie's dreams and finds himself reliving the days before his murder with Lanie by his side. It took one hundred and twenty years for love to find them, but there's that insurmountable little matter of Jason being dead. 

Hermes Online 
A contemporary erotic romance with a little ancient meddling. A CataNetwork Sensual Reads Reviewer's Choice Winner 2011 for Contemporary Romance

Imagine if you will a story begun in the halls of Mount Olympus long before this modern tale was conceived. It was a time when the god Hermes flew on his winged sandals and carried messages from the gods to the mortals below. And between that time and this, couriers became postmen and handwritten letters became bytes. It is said the gods still speak to those who listen...
Left bruised and brokenhearted after a cruel breakup, Vivienne Bennet finds herself mired in a world of self-doubt. To her surprise, she receives an email that challenges her to rediscover the sensual woman she once was. Together Vivienne and the enigmatic man known only as S embark upon the world of anonymous Internet communication where suggestive emails lead to erotic chat, where cybering leads to Skype, and C2C sends both into the arms of a love they'd believed lost forever. 

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