Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Weekend Writing Warriors

I'm participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors mini hop again. The deal is to post 8 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. This week I'm offering a bit from my unusual paranormal romance saga -  The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo

Setting the Stage:
Ashkewheteasu has watched over his wife's burial mound for nearly 3000 years. This morning he slept longer because he was dreaming of his old life with Aiyana and didn't want to wake from it. By the time he came to her effigy mound, an archeological survey was already taking place because bulldozers were set to wipe Aiyanna's burial from the earth. Distraught that he let her down, he apologizes to her remains.

He rasped his plea to the remaining directions and the spirits who dwelled there, and then addressed the mound and the body that lay within, “Aiyanna my love, my heart, I have watched over you through time but I can watch no longer. Please forgive me, I have failed you….” His throat choked. Swallowing hard, he whispered to the earth that half-covered his wife, “Again.”

Kneeling beside the dirt-encrusted bones, he pulled the cover away to expose them fully. The small bones of the baby he knew laid with its mother had dissolved in the acids of the soil. Gently digging through the loam between the exposed rib bones, his fingers found the bird stone, its cord long since returned to the earth.
Holding it now, he remembered...

Here's the story

Read the Origin of the Tale at USA Today


Rose Anderson ~ Love Waits in Unexpected Places

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  1. Great snippet! I really love how emotional it is! Tugs on the heartstrings!

  2. Very unusual! Excellent excerpt, the emotion certainly came through with every word.

  3. He watched over her for thousands of years, that doesn't sound like failure to me. But I suppose it's not the forever he promised...
    Poor man, I can really feel his pain. Nice snippet!

  4. Powerful snippet, definitely a strong hook! I want to read more!

  5. Oh, wow. I'm definitely hooked.

  6. Thank you everyone! Have a great evening. :)

  7. Such a sweetly emotional snippet.

  8. An intriguing and emotional snippet there.

  9. Thank you Ed and Stevie. I went on an effigy mound tour through the state of Wisconsin and saw for myself some of these damaged ancient earthworks. Conveying that sadness to Ash was easy because I felt it myself. Thanks for stopping.