Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors

It's Sunday and I'm participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors mini hop again. The deal is to post 8 sentences from a writing project, published or unpublished. This week I'm offering another bit from my legend-inspired romance, The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book1 Ashkewheteasu)  

my 8, then details follow:

Death was not something an immortal considered, but he had no reason to live. Distracted by thoughts of suicide, Ash stepped into the road.

The dark two-mile stretch of road was notorious for deer activity. Needing to stay alert, Olivia yawned and clicked on the high beams  to expand her range of vision. She rolled down the window and took the cold blast of evening air full in the face before turning on the radio. Finding the inane talk radio chatter unappealing, her gaze momentarily strayed from the road to the dial. She looked up in time to see a large husky walk right in front of her car. The horrible thump that followed confirmed her worst fear.


Behind the scenes: At this point in the story, Ashkewheteasu has been watching over his wife's burial mound for millennia. Today he discovers the bulldozers have scraped it all away. The shape-shifted shaman decides to take his life.

Here's the story
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book1 Ashkewheteasu)  

Based upon Native American oral tradition and a modern urban legend
Read More at USA Today

"I really loved this book. The characters are well rounded and full of personality. I love the way this author plays with the shapeshifter mythos. The scenes are well written and gives a sense of historical background. "
~ A Reader


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  1. Nice eight, Rose, especially after his angst from last week's snippet. Well done!

    1. Thanks! He'll find a reason to book 1 anyway.

  2. Dramatic! Can an immortal commit suicide? I can't wait to read more and I thought your description of the heroine's fatigue was perfect. Great snippet!

    1. Had he managed it, he would have forever been barred from the White Spirit World and ended up in the Red Realm. Not the place for a shaman trained to enter the spirit world to be. That's where the forsaken exist through eternity, in a dry and dead version of hell.

  3. Wow, that was fast. Took me off guard. Great 8.

  4. No, that's not the answer! But I'm sure she'll take care of him--and maybe give him a reason to keep going.