Saturday, January 25, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens

It's Saturday and I'm participating in the Seductive Studs & Sirens mini hop! 

The idea is to post just 150 words to capture the imagination. Today, I'm offering another small sampling from my unusual Victorian polyamorous romance written with a touch of reader-interactive art history: Loving Leonardo - The Quest (book 2 in the series)

Setting the stage: 
On a steamer heading back to Paris and the Louvre to looks for the Da Vinci master pieces they know to be there, the three lovers share some quiet time.

My snippet: 

Coming directly from his bath, Luca joined us about an hour later as shiny as a new penny and as handsome as always. For the better part of that hour, Ellie stood near the stove fluffing her wild mane in an attempt to get it dry enough to take a brush to. Knowing these two as I did, I counted the seconds until Luca asked her if she needed assistance. He loved her wild curls as much as I did. Sisal rope or Ellie’s hair, the man could braid.

We’d learned Luca possessed a fair aptitude for plaits and sailor’s knots, a skill learned at his grandfather’s knee. After all, the Francos had been sailing the seas for centuries. It also helped that he had younger sisters and regularly helped them set their hair. No small feat that. His sisters each had hair that fell below their knees when unbound. 

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"This is a well-researched story with many art references with a deft handling of a subject many writers might skirt or avoid completely. Written in a style that evokes literature of the period in which this story is set, Loving Leonardo is an erotic thriller, and an enjoyable adventure of three lusty young people striving to save both themselves and a work of art that is in itself a declaration of love. "
~Author Toni Sweeney

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