Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors

It's Sunday and I'm participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors mini hop! The deal is to post 8 sentences from a writing project, published or unpublished.
This time I'm offering another small sampling from book 1 in my legend-inspired romance ~
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book1 Ashewheteasu)  

First my 8, then details follow:

Averting her gaze, she thanked him for the compliment.

Ash had seen women blush before, but never on a white-skinned woman, and never this bright and lovely. “You look away again, why is this?”

His words made her feel unaccountably shy. In the awkward silence that followed, she poked at her milkshake with her straw. Maybe it was just that she found him an extremely attractive and very compelling man or perhaps it was his bearing. He carried himself like he stepped out of one those ethnographic portrait photos taken of Native American men in the 1800s. Like many of those images, Ash too, had a regal quality about him. 

The scene: Ash showed up at the animal clinic to help. Erroneously believing her boss sent him, Livie gratefully puts him to work on an inordinately busy day. After work, she takes the new employee out to a hotdog joint as a thank you. She has no idea he lives in her house as a dog.

Based upon Native American oral tradition and a modern urban legend 

"Honestly, one of the best stories I have ever read. Rose Anderson writes with romance and intelligence, making for a very believable story. Her characters jump off the pages and her description weave love and legend into an enjoyable experience. Simply a wonderful book. I hope she has a whole series of these books planned!"
~ A Reader

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  1. The 'air' about the male character here is very well done. There's a good sense of him.

  2. I'm glad Ash is finding someone to take care of him.

    1. Shortly after this scene, she'll go home and expect the foster dog he is to eat again.

  3. Enjoying the story so much...excellent excerpt!

  4. Her imagination is more accurate than she knows! An interesting conversation, it definitely makes me wonder what she'll say in response.

    1. Her language is very new to him at this point. She's sensing a lot about this handsome stranger is a little off.

  5. Good description! I could see him. I like how you mentioned the milkshake, a touch of normal keeping the reader grounded in an otherwise fantasy inducing scene. Nicely done!

  6. You manage to get a lot of information in a really short excerpt. It's tense and very intriguing. Thanks for picking this scene to share with us :-)

  7. I love his curiosity...he doesn't understand embarrassment.

  8. "She has no idea he lives in her house as a dog" Ha ha! Great. I think I've got to read this one.