Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors

It's Sunday and I'm participating in the Weekend Writing Warriors mini hop! The deal is to post 8 sentences from a writing project, published or unpublished. 

This time I'm offering another small sampling from
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book2 in the saga) ~ A story about an ancient shaman in a modern world. Inspired by history and a very creepy urban legend. Follow the links below to a free chapter sampling and the local legend that just begged me to write it.

First my 8, then details follow:

Visually, the rolling hills and valleys were nearly the same as when his Bear clan lived here, except for some hills cut in two by the highway. The giant groves were gone and now much smaller trees filled small pockets where their parent trees once stood. Where animal trails had crisscrossed the landscape, roads and highways bisected what was left of re-sprouted oak groves. Open prairie glades where elk and buffalo roamed were now pesticide- and herbicide-soaked corn and soybean fields.
The route taken by his people to their yearly hunting, fishing, and foraging grounds came back to him as though he’d walked it the day before. In the spring, they’d travel to the maple groves, taping the trees for syrup to make into sweet nourishing sugar cakes. Then they’d head to the northern lakes to hunt the great sturgeon. He licked his lips.

Setting the stage:
Here Eli remembers what it was like before the whites came and recalls his life as Eluwilussit a well-respected medicine man. He blames Ash for every wrong turn in his life.

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  1. Magnificent description, Rose. You drew me right into the scene. Thanks for a fine snippet.

    1. Thank you Charmaine. I'm glad you enjoyed that snippet. :)

  2. Such a beautiful description, interwoven between things as they are now and his memories. Really an excellent excerpt!

    1. Thank you Veronica. The story has many ancient memories woven in.

  3. Times change...but I'm glad he still has memories of how it was.

    1. Eli is stuck in the past and spends too much time contemplating murder in the future. :)

  4. Your description triggered a pang of spring fever that makes me want to quietly wander in the wilderness. Quietly is the key word in case wolves are afoot.

  5. You wouldn't want to run in to this guy, Pete. He's likely to eat you. ;)