Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens mini hop!

It's Saturday and I'm participating in the Seductive Studs & Sirens mini hop! 

Participants post just 150 words to capture the imagination. Today, another small sampling from my award-winning Victorian polyamorous romance written with a touch of reader-interactive art history ~ Loving Leonardo - Book 1.

Setting the scene: In the middle of dressing, Nicolas answers the knock at door.

My snippet:
It was Luca looking quite finely dressed in black with an ascot that exactly matched the blue of his snow-shadow eyes. I had nothing so fine with me, so wore clothes borrowed from Luca’s wardrobe. It was a close enough fit for all he was broader than I. The color was such in the green brocade waistcoat that wearing it turned my hazel eyes green enough for Ellie to comment about “the magic of it.”

Showing a black silk ascot in his hand, Luca motioned for me to turn around and face the mirror. I watched him tie it around my neck. Lord he was a handsome fellow. When the neckpiece was properly done, he helped me into the black morning coat before kissing my cheek. His eyes met mine in the glass and I felt his breath hot at my ear. “You’re a most beautiful man, mi amore.”

An award winning love story


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