Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marketing for Romance Writers' Book Hooks #MFRWhooks

It's Wednesday -- time for the Marketing for Romance Writers Book Hooks mini hop! Participants post 6-8 sentences from their novel.
Today I'm offering a bit from The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book 2 in the ongoing series) ~ a story taken from an actual urban legend and ancient Native American lore.

Setting the Stage: John Redleaf can scarcely believe Ash was the injured dog whose life he saved let alone the ancient shaman from the legends of his people. 
Sensing Ash means to confront Eli (aka Eluwilussit the Spider), John seeks him out to talk him out of going alone. In this scene he finds the medicine man deep in meditation. It affects John too.

My Eight: 
Bird stone in hand, the holy man sat cross-legged before the woodstove, lightly rocking forward and back, chanting under his breath. Not wanting to disturb an obvious trance, John quietly took a seat on the sofa. Though he felt odd intruding on this private moment, the melodious chanting had a hypnotic quality that drew him in. He soon found himself drifting. He’d joined the Marines shortly after veterinary school, drawn by the allure of paying down substantial student debt. Only three months in, Iraq invaded Kuwait. The United States went to war and so did he. Flashes of his time in the military came into his awareness — people he’d known, things he’d been a part of, and things he'd rather not see again. 

"A very serious study of good versus evil. The emotions of Ash and Olivia, the woman he's falling in love with, are strong and true. The Native American lore is engrossing and obviously the result of deep, respectful research. And, as usual, Ms. Anderson's love scenes are sweet, funny, sensual, and fulfilling for Ash and Olivia, as well as the reader."
~A Reader

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  1. This sounds wonderful, and the lyricism is undeniable. Beautiful.

  2. How fun to turn a legend and myth into a series of books!

  3. great detail and visual in this scene