Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday (RO)(ER)

It's Sunday and time for the Weekend Writing Warriors. Participants post 8 sentences from a writing project, either published or unpublished. Today it's a bit from my award-winning Hermes Online. A scorching contemporary tale of an online love affair told in one perspective only so the reader sees a debilitating lack of confidence melt away in real time.

First my 8, followed by details~

My fingers read you like Braille through the confines of this electronic device. I admit I find it sadly lacking.

I clicked send and waited.
“You’ve got mail” burst forth from the speakers. I discovered I had been conditioned to have an autonomic response to seeing the envelope and hearing the computerized words. Like Pavlov’s dog, I began to salivate.

Dearest V,
Indeed it is sadly lacking. How is it you’ve reached inside me this way?

What just happened~
Vivienne and the penpal she knows only as S are sharing emails that are growing progressively more intimate as time goes by. After the battering her self-esteem suffered at the hands of a
deceitful ex, each email between Viviene and S is another handhold out of her depression.

This is unlike any story I have ever read. I have to admit that I would never have thought of internet email and chat as metaphors for messages from the gods. But for this character and for millions of others, email can bring a serious connection to people who feel disconnected from people around them. In Vivienne's case, it was a life-changing experience. And it is a testimony to the power of words that can arouse the true self as it did with her. Even those of us who are incredibly invested in the print media forget the power of words to hurt and destroy as they can do just the opposite. It was words that slowly tore Vivienne away from connection with her true self just as it was S's kind, loving, complimentary, and eventually erotic words that gave Vivienne a new lease on herself, on love in general, and ultimately on S in particular. I was most pleasantly surprised and found the story one of those "feel good" kinds of reading experiences. I think romance fans will find this a creatively different and most enjoyable read. I highly recommend it. ~A Reader


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  1. Interesting! We know so much today about how people may not be who they seem on the internet, which adds a bit to the tension I felt when reading this...can't wait to see more of how it all plays out. Great snippet!

  2. Hooking 8! I am dying to read more of their exchanges. This sounds like a very strong cerebral, yet emotional story. Very nicely done!

  3. Often email, and especially anonymous email (signed with initials), can be so much more revealing than things with real names on them. So far, I'm enjoying this.

  4. I LOVE the premise for this story. Since my first days dabbling online, I've been fascinated by the emotional strings that online "friends" can tug. I often refer to them as my "make believe" friends, but they become every bit as real as any friend I know in the tangible world... Adding to my TBR.