Friday, February 20, 2015

Hot for Friday with Book Boyfriends Cafe

Time for the Book Boyfriends Cafe's Hot for Friday hop .

oday's theme  ~ Hot Encounter. Here's a small sampling from my blending of urban myth and ancient legend ~ The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book 1 in the ongoing series)  

Setting the stage: Ash and Livie share a moment that's not quite private.

A short time later, Olivia hurried up the walkway, Ash following behind. Pausing to find the right key to fit into the lock, she said, “I have to file some paperwork before I head home to my—” and Ash surprised her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. Her sentence ended breathlessly, “—dog.”

His lower half pressed firmly against hers, he effectively pinned her up against the door. With palms flat against the glass on either side of her head, he braced himself and kissed her again, sliding his tongue hungrily between her soft pink lips. And there they stood, each lost in the wonder of what the other made them feel, oblivious to the cars speeding past the clinic. Her shirt and bra had somehow hitched up and bared her breasts to kisses that traced their descent in a fiery path down her neck and left a glorious wash of desire in their wake. There was no mistaking the warm female scent that declared she wanted him as desperately as he wanted her. Just as his head dipped to draw her pink nipple into his mouth, a truck driver’s horn blared as the big rig passed. The spell broken, they jumped apart. Ash was far more startled than Olivia as she quickly covered herself with fumbling hands. Backlit by the lights within the clinic, they’d put on a good show.

He licked the taste of her from his lips and smiled at her endearing attempt at modesty. After so many years alone, controlling himself was difficult. As much as he craved to lose himself in her, this was not the place for their first joining. Wrapping his arms around her once more, he summoned his willpower, and whispered warmly at her ear, “Oh Livie, I would have you now, but not here for others to see.”

She swallowed, then stammered, “Uh, yes, uh we’d better stop before we run out of time and I um … I need to finish up the … uh … paperwork here.” She sounded like her brains had been addled. They had. “So … where do I pick you up?”

“I’ll meet you right here.” His passionate embrace lifting her to her toes and cracking her vertebrae, he kissed her again.

Closing the door behind him, Olivia watched him walk away. Her lips were tingling. Everything was tingling.


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