Friday, March 13, 2015

Hot for Friday with Book Boyfriends Cafe

Time for the Book Boyfriends Cafe's Hot for Friday hop . Here's a small sampling from Enchanted Skye. This tale was inspired by two interesting tidbits ~ an old maritime legend of tears and sea water, and the actual genealogy belonging to one Scottish family living today. They say as far back as the family legends go, they are Selkie. Why not?

Setting the stage: At this point in the story, Jenna has fled a stalking ex in Chicago, scattered her grandmother's ashes on the Isle of Skye, got her rented car stuck, and walked in an icy downpour to an inn. A comedy of errors gets her locked in a room overnight with a stranger. Emotion getting the better of her, she vents on him and then slams a rather large scotch. The stranger doesn't seem so irritating now. Neither know her earlier tears have caught this Selkie in a dangerous charm.

   She arched against his hand for more, which he gave. Slowly pumping he kissed her lips between his words, “But ye… must tell me… Jenna. D’ ye wish… me… to continue?”
   “Mmm, mmm, yes…I think so…”
    There was no need to ask again. Gathering her up in his arms, Alex carried her to his bed and laid her there. Held closed by the lower buttons, the flannel shirt twisted to reveal one breast and her wild uncombed hair spilled over his pillow. Her uninhibited fingers toyed with her uncovered nipple, while her bent knee swung back and forth invitingly slow.
    His animal senses sharp, he could smell her now, a heady note of desire in the sensorial symphony of sea spray, scotch, peat, and soap. Though a tremor of desire fumbled his hands over the zipper, he knew he’d rip the clothes from his body just to have her. He finally managed to drop his jeans and his tenting boxers were quickly discarded with the rest. When his full length sprang free of its confines, her knee momentarily paused. Standing before her with a blazing hard-on, his breath froze at the look in her eyes.
    Jenna watched him strip his clothing. Sultry slurred words hurried him along. “You have a very …nice…” Her words trailed off. She licked her lips.
    His mind extrapolated the rest he wanted to hear. “I’m glad ye think so, love.” He was driven. Never in his life did he want a woman as badly as he wanted her.
   He held himself. Words husky with desire, he whispered in awe, “I ache for ye, Jenna. I ache like I never have.”
    Kneeling at the end of the bed, he kissed the top of her foot. Her knee once more swung to and fro. Seeing invitation in that sensual display, he kissed up the length of her leg, murmuring heated declarations of desire between kisses.      
    Though a part of him was keenly aware they didn’t know one another, another part of him was certain he’d known her soul forever. “I can hardly control this hunger for ye. Will ye allow me to love you?”

    “Hunger?” she asked breathlessly, as though his words weren’t fully registering. Again the knee stopped, this time falling wide.
    “Aye, hunger. I’ve thought of nothing else since I first set my eyes upon ye.” Ascending now, he kissed the place above her knee, relishing the heat of her on his lips. Kissing her smooth inner thigh, he murmured against her flesh, “Will ye allow this starving man—” he kissed the velvet between, “—to bring ye pleasure?” He kissed again firmly this time. Tasting how ready she was on his lips, he licked them before asking, “Please say yes, Jenna. Please.”

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