Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday (RO)(ER)

It's Sunday and time for the Weekend Writing Warriors. Participants post 8 sentences from a writing project, either published or unpublished. Today it's a bit from Loving Leonardo - The Quest ~ book 2 in my award-winning, Victorian polyamorous series.

First my 8, followed by details~
Now, I watched the woman leave. She moved like schooner through that sea of humanity with her string of little dinghies following behind. And the place where she’d stood in the square below was soon filled with other beggars and their prosperous counterparts. The sun was going down and the autumn night would be cold. Perhaps that little family would sleep warm tonight. I pictured the ragged poor huddled hungry and shivering in dark corners while fat cardinals dined like kings and slept on their featherbeds. It all made me feel quite low. My companions must have sensed it, for they drew me away from the balcony and closed the doors behind us.

What just happened~
At this point in the story Nicolas, Ellie and Luca are in Rome hunting down Da Vinci artworks for the hidden clues they hold. Rome is a dichotomy of haves and have nots. After noticing a poor ragged women with her hungry children in the square below his balcony window, Nicolas throws her enough coin to take her family away from this sad place of extremes. Unfortunately there are many more just like her.

What this story is about~
This tale was inspired by intolerant news headlines. One day I had heard a succession of negative commentary, and every news talking point made that day had a corresponding point 100 years ago. Change comes slowly, I guess. Rather than put my time on a blog rant, I immediately focused my opinion into a very unusual love story. Writing romance gives one the opportunity to create happy endings.


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  1. I love the reason behind your story and why you wrote it. Romance is a wonderful thing in books and life. Sometimes we have to look for the positive and hold on. Great 8, I sensed the heroes despair

  2. Thanks, Michelle. My dog watches TV. The little couch potato loves the commercials. The news came on midday while I was writing and the intolerant barrage of talking points playing in the background caught my attention that day -- everything from women's rights and voting rights to the right to love and economic disparity. Fed up with prejudice of all sorts delivered in a span of minutes, I wrote Loving Leonardo in a week. I do my best work when I rant. lol In life I know I can personally affect change on a small level. In writing fiction I hold all the cards. I can make that world a happy tolerant place. :)

  3. Beautiful writing, Rose. I'm so impressed with the inspiration for this story--how you took that negative and acted upon it. Nicely done!

  4. Yay for happy endings and the desire for writers to create them. Some places don't allow that kind of writing, so those of us in North America are lucky. I love the way you've set this scene; it's poignant and thought-provoking. Well done.

    1. Thanks, Patricia. Our world has so many negatives things happening these days, it's important to share love stories and happy endings. You're right. We are so lucky to have freedom of speech.

  5. Enjoyed the snippet and so true that even though one family was helped, so many more were in need. I'm with you, being an author does allow us to "rewrite" the sad things to some extent. Excellent excerpt!

    1. Thank you, Veronica. Studies show the brain finds little difference between a tangible thing and a written thing. The same chemicals are produced. I think love stories in all their forms are essential to humanity's well-being.

  6. Good job of painting a strong picture and setting up the tension of the inequity!