Saturday, July 5, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens!

It's Saturday and I'm participating in the Seductive Studs & Sirens mini hop! 

Participants post just 150 words to capture the imagination. Today, another small sampling from my award-winning Victorian polyamorous romance written with a touch of reader-interactive art history ~ Loving Leonardo - The Quest (Book 2 in the adventure.

Setting the scene: A private moment between the lovers.

My snippet:
For the better part of that hour, Ellie stood near the stove fluffing her wild mane in an attempt to get it dry enough to take a brush to. Knowing these two as I did, I counted the seconds until Luca asked her if she needed assistance. He loved her wild curls as much as I did. Sisal rope or Ellie’s hair, the man could braid.

Ellie handed over the hairbrush. I watched Luca work the boar bristles through the mass. In our moments of passion, he’d occasionally close his eyes and gather the silken mass in his hands and run the bounty over his bare chest or mine. Within moments, he fashioned for her a cinnamon plait as thick as my wrist and tied up the end in the ribbon she’d handed over her shoulder. Ellie didn’t see him raise the braid to his lips. But I did.

An award winning love story.
An adventure series with more to come!


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  1. Replies
    1. My trio have many tender exchanges. :)

  2. Very sensual. There's just something about a long hair...that can be erotic.

    1. Thanks. The larger scene has more detail. Luca gets a dreamy expression when he brushes her hair.

  3. interesting passage with some great detail. I'm curious who the speaker is. Male? Female? Menagé trois? Definitely grabbing my attention.

    1. Thanks Joyce. Yes and the voice is Nicolas. :)