Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday (RO)(MTS)(PA)

It's Sunday and time for the Weekend Writing Warriors. Participants post 8 sentences from a writing project, either published or unpublished. Today it's The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book 2). A tale inspired by a local urban legend and enhanced with ancient lore.

First my 8, followed by details~It had been ages since he’d been here. For nearly three thousand years, Eli’s grief and anger had kept him away from the land of his people. His eyes were drawn from the road so often that he decided to pull over for a moment and lose himself in the memories. Visually, the rolling hills and valleys were nearly the same as when his Bear clan lived here, except for some hills cut in two by the highway. The giant groves were gone and now much smaller trees filled small pockets where their parent trees once stood. Where animal trails had crisscrossed the landscape, roads and highways bisected what was left of re-sprouted oak groves. Open prairie glades where elk and buffalo roamed were now pesticide- and herbicide-soaked corn and soybean fields. The route taken by his people to their yearly hunting, fishing, and foraging grounds came back to him as though he’d walked it the day before.
What just happened~
His true identity exposed, Eli leaves the reservation and returns to the land where he once lived. Needless to say, changes occurred since this ancient shaman was here last.


I felt in love with the wounded Ash and his bond with the animal-loving Olivia. And I cringed at the antagonist Eli’s tortured mishaps. The characters were well written to create conflict, tension, in a smartly woven plot that takes the reader to the past, to tribal gatherings, into the world of what we don’t expect or imagine with the very construct of our own bodies and physiology (depicted in Ash’s character). This is paranormal and fantasy at its best where the imagination is the scene setter driven by the author’s well-crafted words that brings the action to life. ~A Reader

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  1. Descriptions beyond wonderful. You placed this reader right there and I thank you for the travel experience. I sense a loneliness and sorrow within Eli.

    1. Thank you, Charmaine. :) I live that view so was able to describe it just so.

      Eli is filled with remorse, but being the sociopath he is, his sorrow is more the "sorry you made me do this".

  2. Excellent description, the visual was right in the front of my mind. Well done!

  3. Lovely description. Put me right there.

  4. Your prose is beautiful, Rose. And I'm fascinated by the story. I just bought book 1 :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Teresa. There will be one more book in this series. :)

  5. Such rich description and powerful emotion evoked by this snippet. Well done!

  6. Enjoyed the excerpt, must have been very sad for this character to see his homeland so changed. Really terrific description...great 8!